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Dango Dewdrop

Where the cute, fresh, and trendy come together in a dango daikazoku.


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Quotes I ordered the Charizard and Pikachu! they were amazing, and that thrill of opening it was exhilarating! I was very satisfied with the quality of the product and more so on their wonderful customer service. I will buy again in BULK. Hopefully when these guys(Dangodewdrop) gets bigger, i would want to see embroidered ones too! thanks a BUNCH Quotes
AWWW yea

Quotes I ordered the Teaveeloution set earlier this year. I was amazed how well priced the charms were, as well as how fast I received them. Unfortunately my VAPIDeon and JOLLYeon detached and ran away recently :/ However, I'm curing my sadness by buying 3 fukubukuro bags. Honestly, Pluffers, Nyte, and their products are great. They could get a lot more for their things, but their main concern is making We, the customers, happy. 1354684635 out of 5 stars. :3 Quotes
Super Late, but better than never

Quotes My little Sherlockarp Holmes will keep me safe from dastardly devils and ne'er do wells. Much thanks for a quality product you delightful people and may you look forward to my continued patronage of your fine interweb establishment. Tally ho, continue on, and may your grandchildren ever remember your quality work in this fine globe of ours. Good day, sir and madam! Quotes
Refreshed Fine Pastry Consumer Number 14

Quotes Oh my glob I love the charms so much, everything's so perfect! I like that it was even wrapped in like, a Target ad lmao. Thank you so much though! My phone's too fancy to have a charm slot, but this is going on the keychain for sure lol. I can't wait to see any new ideas you have, keep it up yo :D Quotes
Steven Soliven

Quotes Pikachu looks the hight of class on my keys! Good quality, price and fast postage to the UK :) Quotes

Quotes But in spite of that, the folks here happily replaced the charm for free! Customer service here could not be better ^ _ ^ Quotes
My Kecleon Keychain snapped off the strap in shipping

Quotes These guys are amazing ^.^ Stupidly I made 2 orders separately, but the guys at dangodewdrop were more than happy to refund one of the postage costs and send them together. The Gentlemon charms are so goddamn awesome, and the customer service is friendly and extremely helpful. Couldn't be more happy with everything. Just wish that the postage from US to UK didn't take so long, but I guess I'll let you off for that as that's really not your fault haha ;) Thanks again ^____^ Quotes
John Freeman
Happy brit

Quotes I bought the Gentlemon and Ghibli sets, as well as a Star charm. They arrived quickly and without hassle, and I was so pleased that I bought the Eerie Earl charm as well. I look forward to new products. Quotes

Quotes I ordered 2 gentlemon sets and 1 teavelution set for my Canadian cousins and they love it! I love the customer service and updates on where the charms are. You can expect me to order charms in the future! :D Quotes
Thanks Dango Dewdrop!

Quotes I order a kecleon and Jollyeon charm from these fine folk. Sadly, the Jollyeon went out of stock after i order ,but i was notified quickly and politely and was offered to change my order. What i'm saying is that i was treated as a person and not a numbered customer and that is what i really appreciate. I have just got my Kecleon charm and I'm very excited about it. Thanks guys! Quotes
Happy Man

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