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Dango Dewdrop

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Ghibli Single Charms


A little fantasy and nostalgia wherever you go!

1. Ootori-Sama will help you relax during a busy day. Just look at that big chicken, derping chilling out in that tub.

2. Those Tree Spirits are watching you. Right now. Don't look, they might get shy and run away!

3. Totoro will remind you of those careless childhood days. Don't worry, he'll make sure you still have plenty of adventures! [[Currently out of stock! Will be back in stock in November!!!]]

4. Calcifer's spark will give you an extra boost when you need it. You don't even need to give up your heart!

5. NoFace may be a little quiet and little creepy, but he just wants to give you his heart! <3

These colorful characters are 1 inch tall and printed on (NEW) white acrylic with a protective clear film.

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