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February 27

Hello Pikabuus! It's been a while.

Unfortunately, due to several life events this store has been on hiatus since about August 2014. We apologize profusely for not updating earlier. This is completely our fault and we should have kept our customers more well informed.

All unmailed ordered will be mailed out within the next week or refunded, depending on individual requests. We are happy to accompany any and all needs and apologize again for our unprofessional behavior as well as any inconveniences we may have caused you.

Our store will continue to be on hiatus until late May-early June.

Thank you so much for your support, patience, and patronage throughout the years. You guys are amazing and we cannot apologize enough for how we have treated you the last half year.

July 10

Store Update: Gentlmon Shirts in Medium and XXL are now out of stock! Thank you very much for your patronage and support!

May 20

Welcome to summer Charminganders! After our recent convention trip we are now out of stock on a lot of items. We are working to restock as soon as possible! If you have any requests for restocks or for new products you'd like to see, let us know using our "Contact Us" tab or email us!

Look out for our Summer Fukubukuro as well as future summer events!

February 11

Hey Pikababes! Happy almost-Valentine's Day! A quick update for the store: Shipping prices have changed! Due to USPS's raised costs, we needed to adjust our shipping prices. The new prices can be observed on our Shipping Page. We apologize for any and all inconveniences that this may have caused.

If you have any questions or concerns shoot us an email or form request!

December 18

Happy Holidays Pikabuus! Quick announcement! Ghibli Charms and Original Teaveelution Charms have been restocked! Get 'em while they're here. Very limited stock!

November 29

Happy Black Friday! Dango Dewdrop is now having it's Black Friday - Cyber Monday weekend sale!

$1 Off All Single Charms!

$2 Off All Charm Sets!

$3 Off All T-Shirts!

And we have 2 new products for you to check out: Gentlemon Stickers and the Gentlemon Pencil Case!

November 3

It's been a while but as you probably noticed the site has a new look!! We're still tweaking some things here and there so please excuse the dust and some oddities that should be corrected within the month.

April 15

Hello Pokebuus! Ghibli Sets and Original Teaveelution Sets (NOT Teaveelution II Sets) are now out of stock! We are working hard to restock them as soon as possible! Thank you so much for your patience and if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

April 7

It's been so long, Pikababes! Sorry for the lack of updates! It's been really busy these past couple of months but we're finally catching up on all our work and products! To keep things short, Here's a little list of exciting things that are happening! Stay sweet!

  •  Gentlemon T-Shirts have finally come in! All Pre-Orders have been shipped! If you have any questions or concerns about your pre-order please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
  • You may know of Printsess as they are the company that we buy our charms from. Unfortunately, they have decided to shift their company's interests and stop producing acrylic charms. We just want to give you guys a heads up that future charms may be a little different, but we will make sure to keep the same quality that we've always had! 

Restocked Charms: 

  •  The Carbon Count, Charizard has been restocked due to popular demand! You can purchase him here!


New Charms:

  • NEW! On that same note, Gentlemon T-Shirts have finally been put up for sale on our store! You can check out the listed item here!
  • NEW! New Charm Set: My Little Chubby Charms! These cute little chubby ponies filled with friendship and magic are now available for purchase as a set or as individual singles!
  • NEW! New Charm Set: Pokemon X & Y Charms! Everyone's pumped for the newest Pokemon game that's due in October and Nintendo has been kind enough to tease us with a few new Pokemon. Here are some of the newest Pokemon available to accompany you on your phone, DS, or anywhere else! Now up for purchase as a set or as singles!
  • NEW! New Charm Set: Teaveelutions II! These little guys have come to compliment the original Teaveelution set! You can see and purchase them as a set or as singles!


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