Dango Dewdrop
a treat to sweeten up your day

Dango Dewdrop

Where the cute, fresh, and trendy come together in a dango daikazoku.

Who are we?

Dango Dewdrop is a two-person show based around original and fan-art in different mediums. We are based out of Hawaii and supported in Oregon. You can see our wares live at (incredibly) limited conventions such as Kawaii-Kon and Kumoricon. 



The muscle and face of Dango Dewdrop. He is responsible for (almost) all the art used on the products in the store. He'll be more than willing to answer any questions, comments, or suggestions you have. His DA is here.


General backbone and brain. Responsible for the behind the scenes of Dango Dewdrop. More often than not comes up with new product ideas that are solidified by Pluffer's artistic talents. Most of your questions will be answered by her. Her DA is here.

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