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Details on all our current and up-coming events! These can be in-store events (sales, giveaways, etc) as well as real life events (conventions, etc).

Summer Fukubukuro 5/20 - 9/04

Summer is here! Congratulations to all you graduates! <3

To celebrate the season of accomplishment and fun we at Dango Dewdrop want to do an out-of-season fukubukuro event!

What is fukubukuro?: Fukubukuro is a Japanese customary grab bag that stores have during New Years. These grab bags can hold anything in them, but the total price of the contents of the bag will always be greater than the price charged for the bag.

Now that you know what fukubukuro is, let us tell you about our summer fukubukuro!


  • Each fukubukuro grab bag will be $5 + Shipping.
  • The contents of the fukubukuro grab bag will be at least $8!
  • You have a chance to get any item in our store!
    • Any Gentlemon Charm
    • Any Ghibli Charm
    • Any Limited Edition Charm
    • Any Acrylic Cut Charm
    • Any Full Charm Set
    • Any Combination of our Charms
    • You will even have a change to win unreleased charms!
You can purchase a Fukubukuro Bag here, starting on May 20th.

This event will end on September 3rd or until supplies last!

Kumoricon 9/1 - 9/3

Dango Dewdrop will be going to our first mainland convention: Kumoricon! We're super excited to be able to experience something outside of our tiny island. Unforunately Pluffers is unable to attend due to school but Nyte will be there for all three days! Here is some information about us and the convention:

  • Where: Vancouver, Washington at the Hilton (Most convenient for those in Washington, Oregon, Canada, and Idaho)
  • When: Labor Day Weekend: September 1-3
  • What: An anime convention
  • Where will DD be?: We will be in Artist Alley. Our table number is not yet known

More information to come!

Kawaii-Kon 3/15 - 3/17

Dango Dewdrop will be attending our fifth (5th) Kawaii-Kon this coming year! Nyte will be unable to attend but Pluffers will be there, bright eyed and bushy tailed all three days!

  • Where: Honolulu, Hawaii at the Hawaii Convention Center (Covenient to those on Oahu and the other Hawaiian islands)
  • When: March 15 to March 17, 2013
  • What: Hawai'i's premire anime convention
  • Where will DD be?: We will be in Artist Alley. Our table number is not yet known

More information to come!

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